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Arts and Crafts Tent

Welcome to the Shropshire Mobility Services Arts and Crafts Tent

Scroll through and you will find the results of the public competition including;

There are also exclusive demos from Ally Glass and Sandy Densem

£22,092 raised so far!

Public classes

Adults Open Class

Wild and Wonderful

Recycled and Reconstructed

Rainbow Recreations


Tom Kennedy

Tom is one of a surprisingly small band of artists worldwide who focuses on this intricate art and he introduces us to the magical world of Scagliola.

Carolyn Hammond

Carolyn Hammond demonstrates how enjoying art and craft activities can ease stress and anxiety.

Liz Bowden

Liz Bowden shows you how to make a glass bead.

Ally Glass

Ally shows you how she makes a glass painting. 

Laura Williams

Laura Williams guides us through a simple but effective art activity using paint and a cotton bud.

Sandy Densem

Sandy has painted and taught painting and mixed media for over 30 years.  She will give a demonstration in monoprinting.

Tanya Wysome

Tanya is going to talk to us about how she started a new pottery hobby from scratch a couple of years ago – alternative uses of a garden shed!

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